Canadian 18 year old lottery winner


Canadian girl won the lottery and chose $1,000 a week for life instead of a $1,000,000 lump sum.

What would you do?

Take the lump sum for me Clive. Buy a house and have a holiday, live the rest of my life as normal not worrying about rent or mortgages. (In b4 Tory). No guarantee I won’t fall dead tomorrow.


grand a week, please


Weekly income, no questions. Could still buy a swish home, wouldn’t have to worry about working, holiday every so often, brilliant.

  • $1,000,000
  • $1,000 per week forever

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Grand a week for sure.

A million at once would be a bit overwhelming


If you won the lottery would you quit yur job

  • Yes
  • No
  • Take a sabbatical and find another job after a bit

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Go do a masters and then work in an area I’m interested in or start my own business or social enterprise


Grand a week pls


Grand a week for life seems perfect. Enough money to enable you to have a comfortable life but without any of the stresses and mental health issues that come with winning a big prize.


would start clearing my desk before the last number was even drawn


$1,000 a week is only worth $250 a week by the time you’re 80

who gives a fuck though, you’ll only be needing to buy tea and biscuits at eighty


Would still need to find a job paying at least 3k a year if you wanted a decent life


The prize isn’t linked to inflation? Hmm…


nope… BUT apparently the $1,000 p/w is tax free and the $1,000,000 is not

for some reason. fuck knows why.


a grand a week will be a million every 18 or 19 years or so, right? assuming she lives to at least 60, that’s double what she’d have won if she took the lump sum.


Yeah, but the lottery company now have an incentive to kill her, and they’ve got the resources as well.


more than that, in fact, because of the weird tax thing @japes mentioned


Wait, how much? If I won megabucks then obvs, but If was just a million or so then nah - I’d piss a million up the wall pretty quickly


The younger you are, the more sense it makes to take the weekly income rather than the lump sum. I’m an old fucker, so I’d go lump sum.


loads of little bits of paper. death by a thousand paper cuts.