Canadian 18 year old lottery winner

If you stuck the million into a high interest account (5%?), you could be making a smidge under $1000 a week anyway.

EDIT: just read about the tax thing. Hm. Maybe not then.

EDIT 2: just read about the weekly sum not being index-linked. Maybe so again!

Can you get 5% on an account you’re allowed to freely draw from these days?

But the tax Marckee, the tax!!

I’d take the grand a week and change my job to being a HLTA so that I’d still get to work 9-3 with kids but could sack off all the extra bullshit of being a teacher

Marckee was wrong twice, lads!

He’d argue he was right all along, but we know the truth.

I’m sure if you had a million dollars you could.

Will he apologise for this?

of course not

Just so we know which people to mercilessly mock…

  • I wouldn’t work if i knew i had £1k a week coming in
  • I’ve got a miniscule brain and smell of dusty farts

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Would rather enjoy my holiday and house now whilst the going’s relatively good then not receive any money in ten years when we’re fighting over Earth’s last water reserves

Work =/= income coming in. Can do something worthwhile with your time.


yeah I’d go work in beer or some other aspect of music that paid rubbish money but I enjoyed loads knowing the money was irrelevant

Would probably try to buy a small football club or something and manage that with my massive amounts of free time. Or run a venue. Not much else appeals if im being honest

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When I say small, I mean village club level small.

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$1,000,000 is £550k minus tax

$52,000/year tax free is £28,500/year tax free

if paying tax you’d need a salary of £37,000 to get £28,500

I’d take the £28,500 a year every fucking time

If the $1k a week would not be inheritable by one’s spouse upon death, the $1m lump sum would surely be the better option.

Would probably take a grand a week, I think life is more rewarding when you make smaller steps of upwards social mobility.

If I had a million pounds I’d probably just do something really boring with it, like buy 500 albums on vinyl and not even listen to half of them.

Yes I think this question very much hinges on whether you have dependents or not.

I nearly started a post about annuities and interest rates and the amounts you pay to mortgage companies, but luckily for everyone I veered away at the last second by remembering it’s supposed to be a fun thread.


Surely you’d just not report the death?

Grand a week. Run a little non-profit art space/venue, couple of buy to lets etc.