Canadian 18 year old lottery winner


Ran yeah wolf car Saul

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Where are you getting these £2,000 vinyls?


A grand a week is probably sensible, but a million up front and you can buy a yacht then crash it into monte carlo while blasting out Cold Metal by Iggy Pop on enormous speakers, and you just don’t get that opportunity very often.


A yacht for £550k? A shit one.

i would probably ask for advice from a financial adviser rather than try to guess whether £1,000 a week is more money than £1,000,000 lump sum or not.

with the £,1000 a week i would be quite worried that the lottery company would have some issue that meant they stopped paying it, or that there’d be horrendous inflation that would mean it would be worth nothing


Lump sum would let me buy a decent house in an interesting area and have enough left over for emergencies. Could then work at something I liked for low income and/or take time off when I felt like it. House would go up massively in value, could move to somewhere cheaper in the country when I felt like slowing down, and live well on the profit. Grand a week wouldn’t be enough to quit job and buy a house. So lump sum for me Clive.

I’m sure it’ll be fine for heroically sinking.

You could get a lot more than 500 LPs for that!

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I thought of this bought assumed it would be paid into some kind of trust that wouldn’t get affected.

The actual calculation you need to make here is, When will the worldwide socialist revolution take place and wipe out any remaining weekly pay packets I have left VS how much will I have left for the revolutionaries to rightfully confiscate from me if I were to take the cool million.

i’d be happy to go with a dis poll


then disregard the result, as is obligatory with dis polls?