Little Venice up by Paddington saw the list and sidestepped it

Ok. Got barges and that on it.

Ooooh, proper canal

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There are hardly any. Something happened to them in May 1940 …

On a serious note, I fucking love canals.

  1. Go through bits of countryside you can’t get to either by car or footpath, leading to new perspectives
  2. Locks! Lock staircases if you’re lucky
  3. Industrial heritage
  4. Invariably have pubs next to them
  5. Get you from A to B

Sure is!

I too live near a canal (I just checked using an online tool, about 220m as the crow flies).

My favourite thing is that there are trees along it where loads of bats live and if you go out at sundown you can see them darting around catching insects :heart_eyes:

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Also my fav thing about the Edinburgh one is that it GOES OVER the city bypass

I’m not totally sure of the history of this tbh. It’s an old industrial canal, various bits were filled in when the edge of the city was developed up to the late 1970s, but then it was restorted and re-opened as a millennium project. The bypass was built in the late 1980s/early 1990s, if the canal always went over it or that was part of the restoration I’m not sure. But it’s very cool and a bit trippy.

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do they have electricity in Tipperary yet?

wow, what an honour!

Clearly THIS. I grew up in town that featured both the Manchester Ship Canal (which I learned to row on with the Sea Cadets while the Guinness tanker came past - health and safety was not a thing in 1980’s northern England) and the Bridgwater Canal, the first one in England. The town’s population trebbled while they were being built and wasting time on has revelated that 5 generations ago my family moved from Dorset to Cheshire to work on them.

When we were kids practially every second sentence out of mam’s mouth’s was “Don’t fall in that canal!!!”. Not because of drowning but because you had to go to Warrington Hospital and get your stomach pumped. Happened to loads of people. Fun times.

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Was solely built to fuck over liverpool as well

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I have measured and it is 130m door to water.

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I’m using semaphore to get these messages to a relay station on Galtee Mór right now!

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And did quite a good job of it.

love a good ol’ canal aqueduct. look at all of these:


Literally just passed the one at Chirk. The railway viaduct is right next to it.

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This is another good one on the Edinburgh canal, carries it OVER A RIVER

Often hazardous as a pedestrian though because it gets very narrow and jerk cyclists won’t dismount despite the signs telling them they should, boo

The Anderton Boat Lift is brilliant

1 of 1 things to do in Anderton according to trip advisor but you could easily combine it with a trip to the salt museum in Northwich :grinning:

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Went to the Salt Museum as a school trip. Once was more than enough.

The boat lift is great, though, been up and down it in a boat.

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