Going up and down in the boat is brilliant. I shouldn’t imagine the salt museum gets that much repeat custom.

sploosh sploosh that’s the sound of the canal!

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Can i just shock you? I work on a canal. (Drive a barge do you haha)

Look at all those layabouts enjoying life in the sun, smoking shit weed

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I used to live on the canal (not on a barge, sadly, in a converted warehouse) when I lived up in Sheffield. Best flat I ever lived in. I got to chill with some cool duck friends any time I popped out for a smoke.

I’d quite like to go on a barge holiday but it’s tricky because I should under no circumstances ever be in charge of a barge*.


*hey that rhymes!

Although I’m definitely pro-cycling on the whole, few things grind my gears more than cyclists endangering other people with that sort of thing.

Waters crossing though! you could literally hop your boat off one to the other.

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