Cannabis and anxiety


honestly, anybody find it helps?

really tempted to try

used to smoke it as a teen but i wasn’t as much of a pickle brain then, just a nerdy toss rag

i’m on the ol’ prozac and getting cbt soon but had this GAD/OCD shit for years and its doing mah nut


The prospect of another person eating me would just make me feel worse I reckon


I think that’s me done for the day!


k’in ell


Nice try, narc!


Really, really helps some people.
Really doesn’t help others but never irreparably and absolutely not as bad as say - alcohol - and gets an unbelievably bad press from tabloids and jeremy kyle and all the rest of it for an easy scapegoat of a lot of issues really stemming from inequality.
Having said that wouldn’t recommend it going anywhere near someone with a history of schizophrenia or psychosis, but really that’s a given isn’t it.


realised shortly after that “this prob seems like a narc thing”/ may not be able to mention it on dis


found it made it much worse


wish I could smoke weed at work


5:20, I’m late!


Joking aside, I find it helps me. I used to smoke a lot in my mid-20s, then gave up for a while. I started again about a year ago, but not smoking nearly as much as I used to.


really depends. mostly speaking, weed tends to amplify whatever mood i’m currently in, and especially with the sort of stuff thats mostly available on ‘the street’ nowadays, thats not good when it comes to dealing with anxiety.

I do find that lower strength strains are better at alleviating anxiety, but only when I’m feeling ‘generally anxious’, rather than anxious about a specific thing, if that makes sense.


Blimey. Have you been told it helps? The main reason I packed it in was the fact that it made me really anxious.


to answer your question, even a small amount always completely did me in and made me feel fucking weird and rubbish


lets get some tunes going though, lads.



legit one of my favourite tacky postcard images ever

just hysterically naff



Steer clear I reckon, I don’t think it’s as harmless as people think, can trigger schizophrenia, and at the other end of the scale people lose years to its motivation killing effect, and if you are using it to address other problems that seems like it could easily become an unhealthy dependency


while you’re high you may well feel less anxious but the next day you may well feel more anxious

but these are generalisations, ultimately it does have very different effects on people, and different strains can disagree with different people too

y’know how people say it makes people lazy? getting stoned makes people very comfortable with what they have and are doing, so it’s easy for people to get into a habit of getting stoned and staying in their house. this coupled with anxiety can be result in withdrawing socially

i guess it’s like alcohol really, it can help people relax in the short term for sure but it’s really not a long term solution to a medical issue

my advice would therefore be to by all means get high and see what it’s like but be very careful that if it’s good it doesn’t become a habit that causes you even more problems