Canned water


Got a can o’ water in a Tezzas meal deal earlier this week, and I like it. Feels kind of nice to swig from a big tinnie at my desk. Definitely drinking more water. And it’s good for the environment (well, better than a plastic bottle).

Also, I’ve noticed it has a little hole under the tab so you can drink smoothly - beer and soft drink cans should also incorporate this as it greatly improves the drinking experience.

You joined the can craze yet?



Not a fan of South London really


You London guys, up to your old tricks!


I saw this thing about how you can now eat water in a bubble thing made of seaweed and how it’s going to save the world


Are your taps broken @hip_young_gunslinger?


The water is so hard in London that it won’t come out of the taps.


Get this, I’ve been putting water from the tap into the can. I like it that much!


Alright Ray Winstone.


Water revolution!


You’re drinking from a watering can?


Water in can


Canada Water


That is what we are


Water presents: can


you big pillock!


Water way to have a good time!


i’d buy a can of sparkling water though
for 40p


This has got me interested in water


Obligatory Limmy