Right this is going to end up sounding ridiculous but, I have got myself in a bit of a pickle.

At the start of lockdown I planted 30 tomato plants. Anyway rather than the attrition rate I was expecting I have ended up with 25 full sized tomato plants that are now starting to bare fruit. My plan is to use all the tomatoes to make tomato sauce. However, I have at this moment I have at least 60 individual tomatoes so far and more are coming daily.

Is there a way of canning them so that I can use them for sauce throughout the year until next year’s crop comes up? Does anyone have experience of canning, what do I need and is it a pain in the arse to do?

Any help would be much appreciated. Ta

Can you not make the sauce and freeze it? I’ve done that and it preserves fine, or is freezer space a problem.


Have you considered jars? Probably a bit easier/cheaper than canning and you could reuse the jars.
From my limited jam knowledge it involves hot water, this article seems to know what it’s on about though

Good luck!

Sorry, ignore that, bloody paywall.

But yeah, have a google about jars maybe

Jars would be fine. Freezer space would definitely be an issue. My idea, which I don’t have a clue if it works or not is to have enough cans/jars/whatever to last the year. I am just yet to figure out if it is feasible.

how many cans of tomatoes do you estimate you eat in a week?

Probably averages out at a can per week throughout the year. When we talk about cans in this house we mean tomatoes.


this thread has done me



Right got you - in that case you’ll need 52 cans (there’s 52 weeks in the year).

Hope this is of some help


It is because the maths was my real problem.



ask xylo if you can store them in his secret room


I don’t think you can actually can stuff into cans at home, can you?
Can factories are massive

I wonder why not simply eat 60 tomatoes a day?


Does seem like the easiest solution?

Thank you everyone for your help :roll_eyes:

Simply canning genuinely can’t believe it is a website. This is something off Have I Got News For You. FFS.

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no can do

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I’m actually in the process of investigating home canning for M’s birthday present. She has been looking into it for some time and basically something along these lines

If you’re in the UK I think there are some places that import them but it seems to be mostly a US thing.
There are UK canning machines but they seem to be more geared towards home brewing and actual cans rather than jars like

Apparently the pressure cooker can also be useful for sterilising substrate for mushroom growing which is another thing I’m looking into for birthday present

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maybe you could become a tomato guy, and walk the lengths and breadths of the isle, handing out tomatoes and good cheer to one and all