Can't be arsed to Google IT question: Preferences in Outlook reverting to default on restart :( :( :|



Actually I did google ages ago but got demoralised at the language used in the blogs i found on this subject. So HELP.

There are two default settings on my outlook that I have to change pretty much EVERY DAY. The first is the font of email messages. The other is that I don’t want reminders for new calendar entries.

But every time I log back in the next day they have reverted to default.



Someone help quick! Little Lord Fauntelroy’s emails are in the wrong font!!


Yeah, come on man, I hate to agree with @zxcvbnm here but you shouldn’t be bothering us with this sort of shit.


I disagree and I’ll be bearing this very post in mind at the end of the week user scores thing you do




got a lot of time for smee, ain’t I

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Yeah, me too really. Was just trying to act big in front of zxcvbnm. Last time I make that mistake, that’s for sure…


stop flirting guys.

@1101010 to thread!


I have no idea. I assume you work for yourself so it’s mysterious.

If you worked for The Man like the rest of us I’d suggest your IT policy enforces those settings whenever you start up.