Can't believe that bureau de change's don't exchange coins



It’s well out of order!

What the ef can I do with all these coins?


Throw them at pigeons.


rich bastard


I mean the real answer is to spend them in the airport bar on the way home, obviously.


how heavy are they? line them up


Wishing well is your only option.


Go on, the lot of you! I got people queuing up to work in this bureau de change.


With my incredibly successful rich business person jet-setting lifestyle, I keep a little pot of Euro coins on my coffee table for all of the many extremely glamorous European locations* that I travel to frequently for extremely important** meetings.

*literally just Munich and The Hague over and over


I’ve always imagined The Hague to be literally the most boring place on Earth. Have always pictured it as being a neatly laid out grid full of nothing but row after row of grey office buildings.


I usually put them in a charity bin at the airport


I’m closing the bureau…for an hour


Don’t get me started mate.


“Good day to you, sir!” flounces out of the bureau de change




Stick them to a piece of paper and write 4.7 euro and draw a picture of baloonz on the note


Maybe you could yer coins changed in a two bit peep show in Rio de Janiero.


pedantry alert
Bureaux de change


Throw them in a fountain.


Bureau de cunts


It’s weird it should be called a Bureau de Change in that case.

Should be called a Bureau de Notes instead…