Can't believe


catb88 basically just copied my review!! Get your own thoughts man!!!


What was your other review?


Alright, Danny Dyer.


a mushroom pasta I think. 4/5. Wonder what catb88 thought of it/plagiarised from that one!!




Maybe it’s an attempt to point out that your last clause was superfluous?


did you…did you really do this?


*Victor Meldrew


what? leave a review on waitrose about a caterpillar cake? You better believe it buddy! One of the worst cakes I’ve had, that could ruin a party!!
Stick to Colin the caterpillar for a good time kids!


I would have preferred it if you’d finished your review with “Barely even tasted of caterpillar at all.”


“Can’t believe” just makes me think of


haha. got a harry hedgehog from morrison’s for the TVs birthday. super nice especially with a bit of cream tbf.



always freaks my nut out that he put a space between 10 and 00 when he remembered to ’ the “can’t” and “it’s”.


up in the pantheon of all time great tweets


That face looks like hard work, with cheap icing 2/5!


think it might be a DIY job, it was the closest approximation i could find tho.


no way is that DIY it’s on a fancy bit of card


If it’s not DIY it’s shite.


alright… idk… nick knowles


oh yeah. unless maybe they’re a weirdo fam who keep fancy cake card lying around for photo ops.