Can't find the nepo baby thread.

I know there was one

No there wasn’t, you’re thinking about the gaslighting thread.


I did a search on “nepo baby” and I reckon maybe it’s this one.

Wayyy too positive a thread

Anyway did you know Daisy Edgar Jones’ dad is director of Sky Arts and Head of Entertainment at Sky?
Abolish acting imo.

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Her mum’s a film editor too.

From Léa Seydoux’s Wikipedia

Sure thing, Léa.


“she initially had no desire to act, until she found out what a doddle it would be for her to get a very cushy life out of it”


She originally studied opera and it’s not like the two things are a million miles apart.

(If the opera fandom of DiS want to correct this statement, please do so)

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She and her influential grandfather were not close? Oh okay, case cl-

Wait, Léa, you didn’t say anything about how close you were to either of your grandfather’s equally influential brothers!!!

Anyway, yeah, that’s some great cognitive dissonance or possibly just outright lying. :smiley:

Think we’ve peaked


I will accept Brooklyn Beckham as a nadir.
I will accept Brooklyn Beckham as the bottom of a barrel.

I will never accept Brooklyn Beckham as a peak.

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That’s a lot of touching! :grimacing:

(I dunno, maybe that’s his partner etc. so it’s fine.)

That’s his wife

Imagine I said this in the way Amstell did when Preston walked off Never mind The Buzzcocks.


Anyone read the fake Brooklyn Beckham autobiography from when he was one years old?

Are you sure it’s fake?

Good article, this:

that Cumberbatch quote :face_vomiting:



I just found out Samia is a nepo baby! (sort of, her parents are only kinda low-key famous, but it all helps doesn’t it)

I’m not holding it against her or anything because she’s very cool.

Anyway her mum is the non-Bette Midler, non-SJP Sanderson sister in Hocus Pocus, dig it Kathy Najimy - Wikipedia look at that list of her TV roles, it’s very sweet! She just does loads of kids’ shows, I bet that’s a nice job to have.

And then her dad is this guy… Dan Finnerty - Wikipedia apparently famous… But his list of roles is p funny, looks like he plays just generic joes who say one line, such characters as “Bob”, “Discovery Store Manager”, “Grouchy Guy”, “Bartender”, “Kevin the Snow Plow Guy”, “Doorman”, “Pizza Guy”, “Crew Member Dan”, “Dan”, “Dave”, and again “Dan”