Can't find the nepo baby thread.

poor @Mert_Aksac, you forgot about his mum!

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Irony is dead.

By Martha Gill, A.A. Gill’s daughter.

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Martha Gill is not AA Gill’s daughter

She is Eric Gill’s great great niece though

I love Brooklyn Beckham. His photography book is so good :smiley:

Then his pivot to being a food influencer guy with ‘cookin with brooklyn’ which inexplicably cost 100k per episode to make

This video of him with his wife is quite funny also.

And he is really awkward in front of the camera in this one, but tbh who can blame him. This is also notable for Corden just being deeply unfunny and rude as fuck to Brooklyn


ffs Corden doing the Salt Bae pose has put me in a bad mood for the day


Cat & Fittle

I’ll take it back although being distantly related to renowned sculptor and dog botherer Eric Gill is probably more problematic.

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I today found out his wife is the daughter of Billionaire Nelson Peltz

Its babies all the way down!!