Cant find title of song

Could anybody please tell me if they know the song tiitle of a fucking awesome song. I may be wrong but I think the the album title is JESUS. The song I really want to listen to has "GRRRRRRRRR " at the start after the cool drum and guitar intro. He is a black yankie rapper, And I love his music, I need a fix from the song, could anybody please help all I get when I search for the somg is boring bullshit. thankyou laura

I forgot to put a commer and capital letter between ‘help’ and ‘all’ in my paragraph. Sorry my mistake.

How else would you describe someone from the usa who has dark skin colour of black and yankies call themselves yankies? its a fucking awesome song though, do you know the title? Come on help a girl out.

What does “…dad?” mean?

Can anybody help me

Im sorry, Ive never seen his skin colour, he just sounds like that

never seen a film clip for the song only on radio.

Sounds like Hookworms to me.


Are You Ready by KoRn?

I think this could be Can’t Stop Calling from the album Jesus Revealed by Jason Nelson?

Sorry no one is taking this seriously. Its ‘Fabricated Lunacy’ by Terris.

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Lovely thread



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Jon Hopkins and Moby covering an Everything Everything tune with copies of the Guardian on a coffee table

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Can’t believe I got it from that description but found it. You’re welcome Laura don’t listen to these pricks you’re fine


Thanks for all your input, it was Kanye West Blkkk sknnnhead.

Sampling Marilyn Manson’s Beautiful People, I think.