Can't like anything at the moment


Message comes up as follows:


@jomaxro @sean @1101010

Monday the 4th be with you

Came to post the same thing!

Part of me thought it might be a mod practical joke.

“Change settings to one like every thousand years. Save.”


Haha just came to post this too and thought the same as you


And me. I can’t wait that many hours!!!


Look at us all having to resort to replying with words because we can’t like things anymore.

It’s degrading.


Same here, feel really bad for all the top posters not getting the love they deserve :frowning:




Better be fixed in time for the present opening thread. Otherwise it’s going to look like @laelfy’s sister’s (brother’s?) reaction to the advent calendar she made for her nephews




What was this fine story?


:smiley: poor laefs


I tried to like this :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I guess it’s not that long. Maybe we should just wait.


@nestor just liked a post on the Music Board but I am still emotionally limited!


So how do you quote a whole post like that? Should take it to the “things you dot understand thread” but cbaaa.

Also hahah nothing like a blunt answer to ruin your enthusiasm.


Just copy and paste the URL, like so!


Team, I’ve worked out the solution!

Every time you make a post, put a poll in it which gives people the option of liking it. We’ll use Like and Super Like because I think the concept of Dislike is a bit mean, despite it being on brand.

  • Like
  • Superlike

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Monday the 4th be with you

Ta da?


Fucking yaldi thanks!


I keep trying to like things, in vain hope!