Can't post anything from mobile

Dunno if this is happening for anyone else but most of the time when I access DiS from the Discourse app my keyboard freezes and I can’t post anything. Not sure if it’s an iOS/Google keyboard/Discourse thing or even worth looking into.

Hmm, not seen it.

You’re using an iPhone? If so which iOS version, what iPhone type and what browser are you using. Also, you’re not using the normal Apple keyboard but a Google one (I didn’t know that was possible so might look into it on our iPad as the Apple keyboard is utter garbage)?

Basically I’ll try passing this to the Discourse meta forum but they’ll immediately ask me those questions.


iOS 12.1, iPhone 7, using the Discourse app and Google keyboard. Might be Google keyboard freezing. Weirdly it’s working now, so it’s not happening all the time. Cheers Theo

I’ve actually never used the app so it’s possible that’s the fault here? If it happens again can you login on your browser and see?