Can't remember last time I was up this early Saturday thread

Hiya, I have a freelance job today looking after a photo booth during Glasgow pride, #prayformojo



alright severed big man

up fairly early myself. off to climb some hills with my dad & brother. it’s meant to be raining. oh dear.

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I’ve a birthday party for a one year old.
In a pub obviously.


Morning, I’m awake because I’m going to go do a parkrun, my first for about 5 years which I’m a bit nervous about. Hopefully it will stay dry.

have you got a wee bit of paper with your barcode on? I always lose them / disintegrate them with sweat. wish you could do it with an app or something

Just had a really weird and dirty dream.


Morning sev and everyone.

Still not done any cleaning. Have til 1 so it’s fine.

What time is acceptable to start hoovering on a Saturday morning?

I just do my time through strava and don’t bother with the barcode. Taking my TV for her first ever parkrun this morning. Followed by brunch then going a 5 a side tournoi :running_man: :fried_egg: :bacon: :soccer:

Have to go into my office and receive an urgent delivery. And then once it’s inside go back home again. Or whatever. Tiresome…

Morning folks.

Just had leftover pizzer for breakfast.
Nipping to Brum to pick up my suit. Probably go and have a coffee and/or get a burrito while we’re there.
Get back and listen to the footie whilst washing the car.
Take dog for a walk.

I’d say now is fine to start hoovering and etc. My upstairs neighbour always puts her washing on and starts hoovering at like 7.30 at the weekend which is slightly irking - I’m usually up, but still slightly too early in my book.

Morning. Moving house today, stressedddd.

Moved most my stuff last weekend so today is relatively stress free. May even be in the pub by 2.

Hope it goes smoothly.

@urbanfox I am more considerate than your neighbour. It’s about time science made quieter hoovers and toilets I think.

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About 10am I’d say.

Get one of these! I assume they still make them, mine was about £3 for 3 of them, have one on my keys and one in the car. You can also put emergency details on there.

Am up 6am every sat.
Made pancakes with my son. Now lying in my pants. Might put some trousers on, might not.


Also jealous and mildly irked by your leftover pizza.

I’ll not mention what I have for breakfast shall I :sweat_smile:


I’m at a film festival for a few days, arrived late last night and it starts today. Need to leave the hotel in about an hour to go pick up my accreditation and tickets and what have you, but it’s pouring down outside and I forgot to bring my umbrella ella ella

The hotel reception may be able to lend you one…

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Not being able to get a pizza made me get burrito juice down my only t-shirt I’ve left in this flat. Gonna look a scruff when my landlady comes.