Can't remember the last time I got an actual text message which wasn't an automatic message

Gonna have a look now, Whatsapp and others don’t count, I mean an actual text


Was from my mate Sam in August saying Freak Like Me is a tune.
He sent it when he had no internet in his new place.

I do remember now


Saturday, 12:04 PM

One of my best mates refuses to use anything other than text messaging, and I got one off him last night at 23:03. It was football related.

Mine was from my boss on my personal phone on 03.08.20 as I had switched my work phone off when I was on holiday. He wanted to know a password.

Cheers guys!

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My parents used to text a lot but even they’re on Facebook messenger now. Might go back to texts

“Can you please buy some ben and Jerry’s type ice cream?” Wor Lass at 12.44 on Saturday.

I rarely switch my internet on if I’m out of the house so it’s the only way of messaging me. On this occasion, I did not see the message and did not buy her any ice cream.

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I get a couple a month I’d say - normally for one off messages when you don’t know the person well enough to just start up a WhatsApp convo

Still got a few mates who I text with and just never moved over to whatsapp. It’s all fine


Got one earlier today from The Man…

Brexit dividend keeps paying out :+1:

My hairdresser only uses text messaging on his work phone, so I get one off him at least once a month as well.

This is fascinating.

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It’s the main way that my girlfriend and I communicate with each other when we’re not in the same room.

Whatsapp for images or links; text messages for everything else.

My brother doesn’t have whatsapp either, so that’s all text messages too.

Just quicker and easier to use, innit?

It works better with hands-free messages as well (eg when my girlfriend is driving home).

Oh, you mean ‘why the split?’

Um, dunno really. No specific reason for not moving everything over to whatsapp, I guess.

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You can play pool with your friends through iMessage.

SMS vs whatsapp?

literally the same

aah yes apart from that time I checked if anyone was bringing [redacted] on a night out in my family group instead of housemate group

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Got one earlier from my union rep

And being able WhatsApp on a computer. + group chats obv.