Can't see what you're typing on mobile


Have to type completely blind, then tap somewhere and edit, again without being able to see anything.

Obviously my banter’s still solid and that, but it’d help if we could sort it out.


Got to keep looking at yr screen m8


Are you using a Windows Phone? Someone else mentioned they had this issue. I think if you can add a different browser that might help. Or I think there’s a way to force the desktop version in your settings.


Fat thumbs


Forced desktop version doesn’t help.

Using Chrome on Android.

My technical take on it is that the popup keypad forces the text boxes too far up…if that makes sense.


Why are you looking anyway? Nosy bugger!


Can you check you don’t have any settings turned in? @j0hn had something running for the blue buttons that some people installed etc.


It’s fine in portrait mode. Doesn’t work in landscape.


Well, there’s your solution :wink:


Not sure why you’d use landscape. Fat fingers?


There are a few bug tickets on discourse about it, including this one


I’m pretty sure that 90% minimum of tablet users hold them landscape, Teho.


No idea, not seen the stats. My tablet is fine both ways as it runs desktop mode. As you said mobile I assumed you meant a phone.