Can't upload photos from android phone

Anyone else have this problem? In the first days the new forum was running I managed to upload photos from my phone but it’s not working anymore. When I hit upload nothing happens.

works for me


I’ll try butcombe, many thanks

I’ve had issues twice. Not sure if it was as a result of poor signal or not

You may need to be above a certain trust level to post photos.

Trust level is member and I’ve posted a fair amount of photos through my PC recently, it just doesn’t work when I try to upload using my phone… and it used to.

Can you just use urls linking to images from mobile if it’s an issue?

It’s not really an issue just a bit of an inconvenience. Just thought I’d highlight it in case anyone could tell me an easy fix.

Got the latest Android and Chrome? Any updates waiting for you to okay in the play store?

Wait, you know the upload button is in a different place on mobile right? To the bottom right of the text box.

Yeah. Nothing happens when I press it.

Maybe a permissions thing with your phone? Have you set it to block your browser from accessing your phone’s content or something?

Not knowingly. I’ll have a look.

It’s some sort of error, not sure what, when logged in on the Web app. Managed to upload a photo when I logged in through the link on the old forum. Good enough for me. CBA trying to figure out what the error is.

The old forum and this one are completely unrelated though!?

Sorry, yeah that doesn’t read how I meant it. What I was getting at is in that instance I used the link that you originally posted on the old forum (the thread telling everyone to migrate over here). I know open the new forum using ‘internet’ instead of the mobile web app if I want to upload using my phone because the mobile web app won’t allow me to upload anything ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The fact that nobody else has had this issue would suggest that it’s almost certainly my lack of android/smart phone savy hindering resolution/creating the error. I’m ok with that :upside_down: