Can't view the forum at work..?


Any idea why I can’t view the forums at work…?
It’s not as though the site is fully blocked like a porn site or anything… just the page is all white.

It’s IE10 I’m using.


That’s odd to hear. Is it possible they’re being blocked by a plug-in in your browser? Maybe try in a different browser or private mode (or whatever the IE equivelent is).

They do work well on a smartphone if you have one.


Will give it a go on Monday, cheers Sean :slight_smile:


From looking at the Discourse forums, it seems to be an issue relating to IE10. I’ll try to look into it when I get chance.


Are you sure it isn’t IE9?


Yeah, it’s definitely IE10. Not sure on the settings etc though. Will give the private browsing thing a go next week.


Can now view DiS at work :thumbsup:


Think the https may have solved it


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