Cap'n Jazz in London!


Massive news.

(sorry those in the rest of the UK)


[screams internally]


Er, what?!




With support from Owls plz




How difficult to get moth club tickets do you reckon?


It’s quite small


A club for moths?


Pinned moths and social butterflies, yes. 200 max I reckon.


London folk, which of the two venues is more worth getting tickets for?


Not been but moth capacity is tiny compared to the electric ballroom but the later is better located


Moth Club will be better but electric ballroom is more realistic


Cheers guys, I’d be coming from Leeds and possibly going back on the Megabus so sounds like Electric Ballroom for me if I even manage to get a ticket


Tuesday and Wednesday are shit days to do it


all gigs should be on thursdays


Thought that would be harder


Same! I thought it would be one of those irritating ticket dashes where the website constantly crashes and the tickets are sold in ten minutes. Was a totally smooth experience.

(Just noticed they sold out in seven minutes!)


I was torn between the moth club and electric ballroom, on the one hand smaller venues are better but on the other I didn’t want to go to hackney, went for moth in the end


I’ve got a spare for the Electric Ballroom if anyone fancies for it for a slightly reduced price (say 15 quid)

Also not sure if people are aware but each member are playing a solo set at Oslo Hackney the following night: