Capri-batterie & stewart lee - bristol fashion


how old are you? i’m 22 mate.

This is pretty fucking shite. I quite enjoyed it.

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Is this like that jasper carrot song

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Is this Vic & Bob?

“Well why have you got a motorcycle crash helmet on indoors? Twat.”

I actually really like this.

I skipped to a random point and it was this bit

this is out today :smiley:

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how’s the 30-odd minute song?

sugar snap peas? in doncaster? are you out of your mind?

Just got back from their gig in Exeter. Was great! Every vocal riff referred to South West stuff, like Widecombe Fair (but with the characters replaced by Fall members) and the Wurzels (with Adge Cutler walking ‘down the hall to the door where his father lived’)