Capri Sun

The Sun
Sunny D
Sun dried tomatoes
Mumford and Sun




For relaxing times, make it Suntory time

Sun-Maid Raisins


Capri Sunn O)))))))))))))))

That is some good 80s joking

Apparently it’s what the kids call a ‘meme’ and I believe it can also be exchanged for goods or services.

Also intrigued by the flavour ‘pacific cooler’ (I think that is what it says)

They must have meant specific.

Oh shit! I am a fool. That isn’t an 80s joke. I thought it referred to the Ford Capri, the much derided (in the 80s) motor, or so I am informed.

I know realise that the are referring to polarised spectacles of a certain style.

eh? ford capri was a classic motor.

fucking look at it

they do NOT make them like that anymore

(it was awful to drive apparently)

Is. At the time, so I am told, it was used in the same jokes that people made about Kevins/Daves and Sharons/Traceys

pure class

It works on both levels, the kid is pulling the sunglasses down to get a better view of the Ford Capri which has just pulled up next to him while day bow bow plays.

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Would you drink more capri sun if they combined the words into one word?


  • Yes
  • Probably

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I just drunk one. Summer Berries. Rating - DISAPPOINTING! The future holds another nine for me.

Summer batteries?

Summer Betties?

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