I loved this bands first album - This is Hazleville. Its rammed full of indie pop bangers. Dug it out the other day after forgetting about it for a few years. I thought they’d split after it but apparently not, there’s an unreleased album from 2008 and a pledge music released album from 2017… Any love for Captain here?

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I loved the one they did with Tennille


Remember supporting them in my uni band at Liverpool academy 2, I think? Were a very nice bunch of people

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Trying to lookup when it was but “Liverpool captain band” gets a lot of results for LFC captain armbands. Who knew?

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Yeah, great little band. Never quite managed to claw out of the academy circuit at the time but they had some amazing little pop tunes.

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Imagine not being the captain of Liverpool but wanting to go around wearing a Liverpool captain’s armband.


I remember Glorious from very early morning C4 music video programming with Rick Edwards when I started work at 7.00.

I like that song.

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Thats how Lovren got it

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Flipping well love this album! and I love the fact it gets mentioned on DiS like every three years or so. I just wish it was on Spotify!

Check out there facebook page. Still active, sort of. Unreleased album is here -

it is!

Not in the U.S. of A.

I should have mentioned that I guess

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The new New Pornographers LP sounds a lot like This Is Hazleville