Car-based stupidity


Got a new house recently…thought I’d test out the garage this morning. Drove the left wing mirror right into the wall…glass is fine but cover smashed/indicator hanging by wires. Is this the sort of thing I can quickly get sorted at halfords or am I going to have to confess my stupidity?


Depends. Does the back casing of the wing mirror match your car colour or is it black plastic? You may have to get a garage to send off for one that matches your colour. When I did this I had to put it into a garage and send off for parts.


depends on the car / wingmirror.

sounds like you’ll be ordering a whole new wing mirror but it should be easy enough to fit.


Some prick drove past too close and smashed my mirror off once. The garage managed to piece it together from the bits and put a new piece of glass on for £20. It was black plastic though, which as mentioned presumably made this a lot more achievable.


Car is black…plastic is black too, which sounds like it’s going in my favour. I’m happy with anything under £100…it’s worth paying that and keeping it off my insurance.

How far do you guys think I can drive it now? The mirror electrics look exposed.


you tried a scrap yard for bits and pieces if anything is broken… that and a Haynes manual


Oh really :frowning: that sucks

Black ford fiesta zetec


I’m really not practical…I’d rather avoid anything apart from basic maintenance


I punched off a van’s wing mirror once cause they were being a total prick to me whilst I was cycling. It felt great.

The casing on the back of my bfs wing mirror is missing and I may or may not be responsible for it.


I believe it is illegal to drive, but you should be ok getting to a garage.


Does he…own a van?


Are the two things interrelated by any chance?!




When I did mine I stuck it all back together with blu tack and it worked a charm for the week or so it took for me to get to a garage.


Fuck man, just get a roll of black gaffer tape and a the mirror out of a makeup compact and you’ll be golden, no?


Don’t fucking take it to halfords. Try a car scrap yard or a local independent car shop who’ll be able to source and replace.


no comment


You have to have two mirrors (including rearview) at all times, so as long as the others are okay he should be fine!


This is where I state it’s my tv’s car and want to destroy the evidence…


Meant as a reply to @1101010