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I’m sure it’s pretty standard in loads of places. The Melbourne buses are one deck but two sets of doors.

I did like how in Manchester you got to say ‘thanks’ to the driver as you left but it was a pain in terms of numbers of people getting on an off. Personally I think the passenger amounts definitely warrant two sets of doors in at least the more popular Manchester routes.

One cool thing about Melbourne is the public transport system is actually a single entity for the whole state of Victoria so it’s a bit like being able to use your Oyster card to travel from your house in London to visit a mate’s house in Birmingham (Victoria is 0.57 the size of England according to a stat I found on online just now).

The problem is that adding an additional set of doors reduces the capacity of that individual bus, and so you have to get more buses, and run at a higher frequency to cover the difference. Outside of London, the system of bus management is so broken and underfunded that this is very hard to do.

Bring back trams I say.

Edit: is the Leeds tram idea still a thing? When I still lived there 10+ years ago there was loads of chat about a line going out past the universities to Meanwood. Shelved now I guess.

They’ve started talking about it again this month

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Very disappointed that wasn’t a link.



This is like when someone takes a joke seriously in a newspaper article and then it gets made into a serious Wikipedia entry because it has a newspaper citation.

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Car drivers, please use this poll to select the two most common hands on the steering wheel position you use when driving.

Numbers relate to clock face.

Two hands:

  • 10 and 2
  • 9 and 3
  • 8 and 4
  • 7 and 5
  • 12 and 6
  • 11 and 1
  • other (please explain)

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one-handed driving:

  • 12
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11

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The ‘other’ is 3 and 9 but with my hands on the ‘spokes’ of the wheel, rather than the outside of it


Yeah that’s a goodun

New cars too fast. Nearly span it yesterday.

Nice. I do this occasionally.

Sounds like the problem is you breaking the speed limit


virtually all one hand at 2 with right elbow resting on the window ledge (outside the open window in summer), and generally left hand on the gear knob (as I drive on very narrow winding roads with lots of elevation changes that require constant gear changing; no motorways here)

sometimes one hand at 6 if I’m feeling rebellious (please bear in mind I live in a very rural area with almost zero traffic)


8 and 4. The spokes on the wheel provide a comfortable space for this and it’s comfortable with underhanded grip.

Only use this for cruising, hardly any traffic where you just pootle along.

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This has been coming for ages, should be over here soon.

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:frowning: dvice welcome!

Wife parked main car in a road.

Gets back to find it’s been crashed into (driveable, just) Police already aware, and we have responsible driver’s details.

Issue: car is old/not worth much. We don’t have much money. Can the responisble driver’s insurer just say ‘here’s £1000, fuck off now’?

Cos you can’t buy a reliable car for (arguable) the cash value of our (previously) reliable car.


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I think it’s up to your insurance to determine if it’s a write-off, which maybe it will be. Otherwise I think they have to pay for repairs.

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It’ll be your insurer’s decision but effectively, yes, if it’s not worth repairing they’ll just write it off and give you whatever it’s worth. You can always have it back and fix it at your own expense, mind.