Car / Driving thread (rolling) 🚗🛣️🚦⛽🚗

Yeah that’s a goodun

New cars too fast. Nearly span it yesterday.

Nice. I do this occasionally.

Sounds like the problem is you breaking the speed limit


virtually all one hand at 2 with right elbow resting on the window ledge (outside the open window in summer), and generally left hand on the gear knob (as I drive on very narrow winding roads with lots of elevation changes that require constant gear changing; no motorways here)

sometimes one hand at 6 if I’m feeling rebellious (please bear in mind I live in a very rural area with almost zero traffic)


8 and 4. The spokes on the wheel provide a comfortable space for this and it’s comfortable with underhanded grip.

Only use this for cruising, hardly any traffic where you just pootle along.

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This has been coming for ages, should be over here soon.

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I think it’s up to your insurance to determine if it’s a write-off, which maybe it will be. Otherwise I think they have to pay for repairs.

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It’ll be your insurer’s decision but effectively, yes, if it’s not worth repairing they’ll just write it off and give you whatever it’s worth. You can always have it back and fix it at your own expense, mind.


This happened to us in 2021. No bad damage, but every panel down one side of the car damaged so economically unviable to repair. I would advise to push back on the first and possibly even subsequent cash offers your insurer makes - they offered us fuck all initially to write it off but fortunately we had already done some research on the book value of the car and managed to get over a grand more than their initial offer…


default is right hand on 2 and left hand slightly feathering 7. kind of do a one and half hands on the steering wheel.

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you can’t do this on a car that doesn’t have power steering btw.

My car got written off and I checked auto trader and couldn’t get like for like (model milage condition) for what they offered so I told them and they made me send links to similar cars that cost more than the offer so I did and they gave me a bit more money.

Still a pain in the arse and always ends up costing you something


Got caught speeding and ive been sent a stuffed envelope full of paperwork including quite a lengthy ‘statement of means’ form of income and outgoings. This feels quite invasive and intrusive and superfluous; maybe they have a due diligence to check people can afford fines, but i wouldnt give them credit that if my figures didnt add up id get a smaller fine. Anyone else experienced this?

Pants down but ive been caught speeding before and its never entailed this

This probably has the deets

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Ah, thanks, very useful

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In the market for a new car

Currently driving a 2011 Ford Focus 1.6tdci, 138000 odd on the clock, purchased in 2017 with 52k on the clock. Needs new drivers side wheel, substantially buckled, has an air leak in the fuel line meaning that it struggles starting up facing up hill (or even on the flat at times. Had to call the AA out 10 times in the past 2 years) and general wear and tear. Drives well and been looked after, but times come to put it to pasture.

Been offered a 2015 Ford Focus 1L estate, titanium x package (top spec), 57.5k miles for £8.5k. thoughts are…


  • Great price as cars with that spec and milage go for about £2k more
  • Estate so there is a load of space for camping gear ect…
  • About average mileage
  • Has Roofbar prep so a roof box is a goer.


  • Gonna be doing some driving miles again for work, so will rack them up on 57k miles
  • 1L engine which may not be great for distance


What kind of mileage you going to be doing? 1L does seem a bit underpowered for a lot of heavy miles

Not heavy heavy miles, but regular but something like up to 45 ew a day, 3 days a week, plus a 20 mile commute on the other 2. So 350 miles average a week maybe, plus leisure.

Have about £10k to spend, which I fully appreciate will get me fuck all

Is that the 1l ecoboost? Very good engine if so, really doesn’t feel like a 1l at all, surprisingly quiet and pulls well at reasonably low revs.