Car / Driving Thread (v 2.0?) (nothing to do with Covid)

You can probably ‘volunteer’ to have a higher excess, in return for a lower overall premium…

If the compulsory is only 50 that’s good, I’d say it’s probably worth paying for the comprehensive cover for peace of mind, as long as it doesn’t break any budgets.

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thanks. Having a real nightmare trying to decide what car to buy, basically going to avoid any Euro as they are apparently prone to parts failure. Problem is that Japanese automatics within commuting distance from me are pretty much non-existent

could also just suck it up and get manual transmission lessons but that means re-sitting the licence test

Passed my test yesterday :nail_care:


can someone please explain this to me

✓ Taxed
Tax due:
1 September 2021

If you’ve just bought this vehicle the tax or SORN doesn’t come with it. You’ll need to tax it before driving it.

so the current owner has paid the tax on it for a whole year, however if he sells it to me, I gotta pay that tax again?


Yes, tax isn’t transferable any more.

New owner pays again, previous owner gets a refund.


no point me getting angry on this is there
at least someone gets a refund at least

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next question

is it bad to buy a diesel? it’s only a 1.6L, 2008 model so can’t see it being too harmful

edit - just reading about these Euro emission classes, would not qualify so would have to pay extra charges

2008 is quite old. What’s the Euro emissions standard of it?

Euro 4

I have a budget ok :frowning:

Think the planned clean air zones (if they ever actually start and don’t know if they’re in places you’d necessarily be driving) mean anything other than Euro 6 get charged.

Do you do the mileage to warrant having a diesel?

Looks like Glasgow is on that list, although on pause due to COVID.
I am going to do about 250 miles/week just commuting to work.

Probably makes sense if you’re doing decent mileage then

I’d rather not drive around in a polluter that’s going to cost me fees just to get some scran in town

thanks for your help!

Don’t know how old an engine it is and whether you’d find something within budget that has it, but I’ve been impressed with how lean the VW 1.4 tsi in my Audi is.

Used to have a diesel and would get high 500s, maybe 600 miles from a 45 litre tank in the summer. Get between around 550 from a 50 litre tank in this. Factor in the difference in price between petrol and diesel and its probably not much difference.

I’m talking from fairly limited experience (2 of them, to be precise) of them, but reckon VW petrol engines across the board might be worth looking at. My wife’s Ibiza has the 1.0 tsi and when I use it for work it’ll easily get 70mpg.

Disclaimer: I could well be talking shite and older ones are tat.

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