Car hire question

I’ve booked a hire car this evening, but have realised a potential issue.

My driving license is in date, but the address is wrong - it’s my last address, because I forgot to update it when I moved a few months ago since I so rarely drive.

Will this be an issue? I have my passport, letters for my current address, a credit card etc etc… And I’ve printed out that code you can get from the DVLA to share my info with other people.

I don’t know

This happened to me once. It was fine. Don’t think they cared.

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Well as of about 6.30pm this evening I will be able to confirm.

If you could

I feel like I might have done it once before and they didn’t really care, but they made me ring the DVLA in front of them to confirm something? Can’t really remember.

technically its a problem if u get stopped by the Babylon but otherwise no

I think I might have told the hire place on the phone about it (Enterprise, Sydenham) but that was it.

Where are you going?
What sort of car are you getting?
Please help me get through the rest of this day which does not seem to be passing. I’m off until Wednesday after this. If you want to meet up for a race?


“Get a higher (hire) car” is probably an ok punchline to something

Yeah I realise in a broader sense it’s bad to drive around with wrong info.

Down to South Wales for my brother’s wedding.
A Citreon C3 (if they’ll let me!)

for some whacky racing (the bones are there)

On the plus side I’m not at all nervous about driving now.

I keep bashing my sump off that manhole cover on the way in here. is your car okay?
yeah it’s a higher (hire) car

What do you think to your brother’s future spouse? deserving of becoming a family member?

Also what wedding gift have you bought?

Is that a lo rider?
No it’s a higher car.

Bit more to work with there.

Where did Stevie Wonder rent a Citroen C3 from?

The Higher Ground

A sump (American English and some parts of Canada: oil pan) is a low space that collects often undesirable liquids such as water or chemicals. A sump can also be an infiltration basin used to manage surface runoff water and recharge underground aquifers.

Yeah she’s lovely, absolute night and day from the terrible people he dated before. Almost too friendly and helpful, my wife is quite suspicious of her and annoyed that she makes her look bad in contrast.

I don’t think we’ve sorted a wedding present yet, we’ll give them a card and figure it out later.