Car hire question

would be into a thread about wedding presents

note: it must not repeat not turn into a thread about the wedding present

We are going to a wedding next Friday. Not my fucking friend* so I ain’t sorting shit out!

*Although to be fair, she did marry us.

Worst punishment you can get is a £1,000 fine I think. But this will only happen if the police stop you or if you caught speeding or something.

So yeah it’s a risk but so long as you drive carefully you’ll be alright (unless you’re unlucky enough to be caught in an accident). Too late now for you to sort it.

ALWAYS change the address on your licence when you move house. Always.

I’m with your wife on this one.

But they’ll let me hire the car, right?

how many times have you been married

Yeah just don’t tell them that the address is wrong.

I’m still on my first, this woman is a registrar.

Do they not sometimes ask for ID? The thing I’ve printed off asks for two pieces of mail and so on… not that I remember giving them that stuff when I’ve done it before.

No need to ring the DVLA anymore, they can check your licence out online. Shouldn’t be any bother from the hire place.

Could land you in hot water with the polis though if you’ve not got the correct address on your licence. Get it changed man, it’s easy!

I can’t remember to be honest. If they query it just say you didn’t realise the address was out of date and see what they say. You should still be able to hire the car but I can’t 100% guarantee it. Depends if they kick off about it.

In any case it’s too late for you to do anything about it really so might as well still try.

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Just go on the DVLA website and change it now. Tell them you’ve not had the new card through with the updated address yet.

He’s probably better off nicking a car now.

I did not know you could do this. Yeah - do that.

Do you have any listening planned for the drive? I recommend the audiobook of Jurassic Park.

Also, tell them you have more than one address because you’re doing pretty well for yourself thankyouverymuch

depends who narrates it. sam neil, yes. laura dern, yes. attenborough, no. blummers, maybe.

I’ve done this numerous times with the wrong address on my license. Never an issue so far. Take passport as ID? No address on that for double checking. [disclaimer, don’t @ me if this ends badly for you]

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