Car question

How much to use the air pump at the petrol station to pump up tires?


About 50p

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a thousand pounds


Of the garages I’ve used:

20p at Asda
Free at Sainos
Free if you fuel up at Morrisons
50p at Shell

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The kind of info I need. Found a 50p in the kids piggybank

About tree fiddy

look at captain answers here

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New car question: What’s the most wheels a car has ever had?


epimer that is a very low guess


but it’s also currently ranked #1

Is a lorry a car?

Absolutely not.

one question at a time please

epimer was wrong, but wins.

now you can ask your question @zxcvnbm

Lady Penelope’s car had 6 wheels

Not a real car. Come on. Take this seriously or don’t bother, ffs.

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