Car salesman - Exposed


My friend just got a s a job as a cars sales man he hates it - Seemingly the vulnerable/nice customers get screwed and the horrible customers get the deals. Also the whole technique has apparently changed the salesman are told if a customer is serious they will have done there research on the net so if the ask questions that would indicate they havnt looked on line they are not serious and not worth wasting time on.





i mean this is basically any form of hagglable retail if ‘screwed’ means ‘full price’ and deals means ‘not’



I love him so fucking much


I think we’ve discussed haggling before, but I find it fucking awful. :frowning:


it’s basically anxiety tax innit?


He said in one incident a college sold a car for £3,000.00 more than they should have to lovely old couple, but yes you are essentially right


They upped the advertised price by 3k during a sale??? How are they getting away with that?


They don’t have advertised prices as such as depending on all the extras or if it has a few miles on the clock (literally 100miles or less) or ‘promotions’ they can change the price.
Apparently the old couple came back a few days later but I think he said they were fobbed off again.


Everything in that scene is amazing.


:confused: really, really shady. yuck.


Richard Lewis turning up later in that episode is absolute gold as well


I literally cannot do it, I think it falls into a category with ‘banter’ in things that require a thicker skin than I have, because mine is a bit Rizla-y and I just crumble when they push back. Would probably end up paying more rather than less and then thanking them profusely on the way out.


we see a lot of awkward haggles in rare books, to the point where people unintentionally come off as super aggressive because they’re so nervous about it they go too hard.

At this point, if someone is looking like they’re unsure about a purchase I’ll automatically ask what they’d been hoping to pay and see where we can do deals. Otherwise they’ll just apologetically leave when it could have been sorted out!


I know I couldn’t believe it, and this is one of the ‘reputable’ ones, they are all at it apparently



Seems like everyone’s out to get you in this world of ours, Rony.


This is what they’ve always been like though?