Car thread. A thread where you help me choose a new car.

Right. I’m in the market for a new motor. Any suggestions ? 10k max (probably second hand), needs to be roomy for the kids and stuff. I really want one of these Jeep Renegades. What ya think ?


Get a Skoda Yeti.



Renault Megane

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SEAT Ibiza




Is this a thread where we all just list what car we’ve got?

Don’t know anything about jeeps, sorry.

Qashqais seem to be good for kids

Not for me!

That wasn’t the intention.

Don’t they get flat tires a lot ?

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Honda CRV. Reportedly bomb proof. Loads of space for a big family. Can’t go wrong.

Only saying reportedly because I don’t want to jinx ours breaking down

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The Ford logo is quite similar to the Boots logo isn’t it?

Do you think anyone’s ever went into a Ford showroom looking for a facial wash?


Sister has one and it’s vomit-inducingly unsteady through turns.

This is a VERY funny thing to think about (also if someone went into Boots looking for a car)


What model is it? Ours has a bit of a roll going through corners but it’s not like a boat or anything.

my mum has a big Nissan note thing and she has kids (me, my sister). My sister has a camper van and she’s got a kid too.

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Really want an orange Jeep. Think it’s possibly the tamest mid life crisis ever.

It’s funny because cars have boots.


I’ve just bought a new (second hand) car. My requirements were completely different to yours (I bought a Renault Twingo GT), but the one conclusion I came to after reading around online is that none of the reviews take into account that you’ll be an upgrading from an older car so just talk about comparisons with other current cars. I upgraded from an 8 year old car to a 2 year old car and it’s better in every respect - more powerful, more efficient, smaller engine, lower emissions. It came second place in most of the comparison reviews I read though (against top end Fiat 500s and the VW Up GTI) despite the fact you’d have to spend thousands more to get the other car.

Anyway, my roundabout point is that you should go for the car you want - the orange jeep - and it’ll be fine because car technology has come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years, and what comes second or third place in reviews these days is still going to be loads better than a car that’s even a few years older.

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Zagato Autech Nissan

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