Car thread. A thread where you help me choose a new car.

That Jeep looks ugly.

Just get a 2nd hand Land Rover if you’re going that route, surely?

All iterations of that car are ugly af


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I can’t buy a Land Rover I’m not a Tory. I love the look of that Jeep !!

I miss my Yeti so much. It deserved so much better than me and the horrible end it met. Can definitely vouch for its safety :cry:

I want a Subaru Forester. Get one of those.

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Yeah if you can’t get a yeti get this.

Think they are still quite pricey 2nd hand…

Yeah, depends what you want re: mileage etc. Actually saw a couple of automatic Foresters I could just about afford (low mileage but a bit older), but the insurance was too much. Hopefully if I don’t crash my Picanto for a few years I’ll be able to move back up to something like that.

Do enjoy the easy parking of a mini car though.

When I was 10 I thought Jaguar XK8s were the coolest fucking cars in the world. And now they’re pretty cheap! One day…

Apparently they are regarded as something of a cult classic so I clearly had good taste.

Range Rovers are Tory.

Land Rovers are Tory if they’re brand new and clean but 2nd hand ones are the soul of the hippie type.

Anything newer than a Discovery 4 (included) is Tory. Everything before that isn’t.

While we’re talking about new cars.

Have any drivers on DiS gone for an electric car yet? My current car is nearing the end of its life, and I’m considering making the switch when it does. Bit worried about cost/charging/everything though, so just wondering if anyone here had already done it.

All Range Rovers are Tory.

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We’re talking about Land Rovers mate.

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I don’t know enough about cars to know what this is.

My dad always wanted to own a Land Rover when I was a kid and he’s a big hippie and another full hippie at uni bought an ancient one (ie so old it was exempt from tax) so I just think if them as your classic unassuming vehicle. I recall a Top Gear 20 odd years back saying spares were very cheap for them.

Wait - are farmers tories or working class?

Ah, I see. Not all Land Rovers are Tory, this is true.

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I think the kneejerk is that they’re Tory but really it’s a bit murky I think. They tend not to be very progressive socially I guess, but often are very neighbourly?

sure about that ?