Car thread. A thread where you help me choose a new car.

The XJ8 was the one I remember best as a kid

Dunno. Red one.

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Also a classy looking beast.

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My friends Dad has one and really likes it, but its not very fuel efficient and jeep doesn’t have a great rep in terms of recalls. (Sorry to piss on your parade)

oooh. that is interesting. What model / engine size does he have ?

how many facking horses it got?

wrong car thread

I had a chat with the guy at the garage about going electric, and his take on it was that the battery technology still wasn’t quite there yet and that despite what they say you’re still not likely to get more than 200mph out of a charge, so for me (who does about 300 miles a week) it wasn’t worth it. He reckoned that if you just pop to the shops once a week and you’ve got good access to a charging point you’d be fine, but if you ever wanted to make long journeys you’re still better off with petrol.

Assuming you live off-road then this is a perfectly acceptable choice.

Yeah, one of my hesitations is that the battery technology seems to be improving quite quickly at the moment, so don’t want to go all in on something for it to be quickly out of date. But then, if people don’t start buying them, then manufacturers are less likely to keep improving them.

I do roughly 200 miles a week, with occasional long trips. I have a drive, so would be able to get a charging point installed at home, which helps. New ones now seem to be hitting a quoted 230/40 mile range, which I think would be enough, but I wouldn’t be looking at getting a new one.

I recently got me a Kia Pro’Ceed (in ‘Techno Orange’). I really like it. 7 year warrantee too.

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I had one of those as a long term rental and really liked it. Will be considering it when the lease is up on my company car in March.

Jeeps are supposedly not very good reliability-wise. Not sure if that is just a myth based on them being owned by Fiat though - my wife has had a Fiat for 5 years and I’ve had an Alfa for the last 2 and half with no problems.

Get a Merc GLA though…

Or a Panda 4x4


Guarantee. Yes. Still in lunch mode (I am eating).

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conversely, my Alfa (a 60 plate diesel MITO) reinforced every stereotype about their reliability

I think they know that the issue is batteries, and there is a segment of the market that’s suitable, which is why most electric cars (ignoring Teslas) are things like a Nissan Leaf or Renault Zoe.

My take on things is that at some point in future long fossil fuels are going to become very unattractive, at which point driving will change quite significantly.

Yes because everyone who owns a 4 x 4 lives in a field

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Once had a fiat panda. Never again. But I guess we are influenced by experiences we have aren’t we. And mine wasn’t good with fiat.

did you live in a zoo?