Car with legs

That’s all I can do.

Definitely an alt-right duck


Ship with arms


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Does anyone else have any comments to make?

Just read through and re-evaluated.

I have to admit, this reply has stood the test of time, despite it encouraging duck death.

Did you see that bit the other day about the viral sign that was going on about “Ducks like bread and it’s actually fine after all”?

Yeah, but the sign said “compared to nothing else”. I mean, ffs just put a sign up saying to feed them duck food ffs

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Does this do much for you?


I found the sign both confusing and worrying (but, it was, ignoring the content, a well made sign)

Don’t really see what that has to do with anything I’m afraid, zorb

It was a well made sign, that just made it worse

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Is trains with legs not adjacent to cars with legs?

I can’t understand this logic

Agreed. I think we’re both on the same page here.

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everything pictured in here has freaked me out


Can you talk us through your feelings as they developed please?

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I experienced initial disquiet at the car with legs. The duck on the telephone was alright, but the ship with the face and hands was distinctly unpleasant, and the Thomas the Tank Engine/The Ring crossover was the tipping point

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Relatively comprehensive. Thank you.

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Cars are a method of transport that usually rely on wheels to move but are this time using legs which is comical and absurd. Trains are a method of transport that usually rely on wheels to move, I’d hoped them secretly having legs would also be comical and absurd.

Is it the tracks that ruin it?