Card Buying



One of the worst tortures known to humanity. What’s your tactic? Friends and sister I get the shittest card possible. Others I now get Star Wars cards and pretend that my son chose them.


Normally go for the smallest (don’t have to write as much shit) and the cheapest (I’m skint).


I can confidently predict that only 15% of DiS users ever buy cards.


I always try go for a joke card no matter what the occasion, and if I can find one that’s slightly offensive as well that is just a bonus.


probably maybe buy about 2 cards a year, if that


Usually buy something pretty cheap and non-soppy. Humorous if possible.

I detest everything about greeting cards. Waste of trees/ink/money. Fucking things.


I just buy a handful of decent ones in Paperchase every now and then, and then have them to hand at home.


Was my Dad’s 60th in November. He made a big fuss about none of us getting him cards / balloons with a big 60 on. So for most of last year, each time I was passing a CardFactory or similar I’d pop in.

He got sixty “Happy 1st Birthday” cards from me.


that’s what my mum does, she’s a stock piler of cards


make you work hard
make you spend hard
make you want all of her love



Saw some cards in Paddington a while back that had gone past risque jokes and innuendo and were just flat out “Happy Birthday you fucking cunt” and similar. I should’ve stocked up.




M&S do good ones which aren’t all that expensive and are fine for pretty much everyone.

If I could, I would pass a law banning all cards. Waste of paper, load of shite.


Oh yeah, Scribbler do them.


Usually just go with yer man Boofle for most relatives.


If you can sort out the foreigners while you are at it you will have most of the board’s vote.


I like the Tate ones that’re in WH Smith and stuff because I’m a berk


Proper shit they are.


Can be recycled as roaches if they’re not too glittery tbf


At the risk of sounding like an old prude, I thought they were pretty awful tbh.

Though this has just reminded me of the time my brother got my dad a “Best Day in the World” card and then written in NOT THE at the beginning. My dad opened it and was properly like… “Why would you do that?”