Card Games Thread (rolling)

We got Uno Flip! for Christmas, the most recent cash-in from the Uno guys.

It’s actually great. Highly recommended. I mean unless a member of your family is some kind of card counting cardsharp.

The regular Uno side is slightly diluted so only draw 1 cards instead of draw 2s and the joker is only draw 2 instead of 4.

When a flip is played the dark side has a draw 5 regular card and the joker requires the next player keep drawing until they get the specified colour.

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have we ever had a card games thread?

you never regretto a game of Ligretto

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Flip, uno flip, good dog

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No I don’t think so. Good point.

Must NOT, repeat NOT turn into a penoid wizardfest.


I’ve played The Pretender a few times, and every time it’s been amazing.

Im Out GIF


So every player but one gets the same card and the one who doesn’t has to pretend they did via their charade imitating the others. Is another player guessing?

Used to play a version of the Hearts game on Windows as a teenager. Do much fun although our version had higher points scoring than Hearts so when I saw that version I could see it was a bit easier to catch someone who’s doing well

We also have Dos, yes a game they clearly created by thinking of the name first!

So just like in Uno you say “uno” when you have one card left, here you say “dos” when you have two.

The game is good but the rules are hard to get straight and explain with lots of specific bits.

Worth getting but be prepared to play a few practice hands before you get into the swing of it.

Playing a bit of Manipulate right now which is basically a card game (the board is just used to keep score).

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The pile on the left is making me twitch, not gonna lie. I like to have a clear space to play something that big.

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That’s the snack shelf, it has my plate of cheese and crackers on now.

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Sounds a bit like Spyfall, one of my favourite games but no one will ever play it with me because they’re all shit liars


Any contributions for us @xylo?

Cheating Moth is up there for me.

Essentially a game of getting rid of your cards in the middle of the table, but cheating (hiding/dropping them from your hand) is fully legal.

One of you is given the job of ‘watcher’ and if you catch a cheat they become the watcher and can’t cheat until they give the job to someone else

There are a few other special cards that trigger eg everyone slapping the table etc - it’s insanely good fun with four+ people


This sounds excellent and quite deadly if kids are involved

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It’s definitely the kind of rules where they need to be old enough to

a) be okay with SPECIFIC cheating only (one card at a time for instance) and

b) not lose their fucking shit if they get caught :smiley:

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Load of shite imo

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Uh oh, think I’m getting back into Magic

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