Cardboard boxes for record moving?

Just for transporting them really - need to be sturdy enough that they can take a knock/stack

Which ones are decent enough to recommend?

I used to use good enough ones from a place called Boxes2Move, but it looks like they’ve gone under

double-walled is what you need

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I wrapped mine in bubble wrap in little parcels of about 15 each and then stuck one or two parcels in a box that was otherwise full of clothes, helps keep the weight distributed so you don’t snap your spine

I bought Really Useful plastic crates when I last moved - they do ones for vinyl and they have handles. Probably not what your after, but I now use them to store duvets and bedding (until next time I move).

Yeah don’t really want plastic crates as I’ve got quite a lot of records and I don’t have the space to store plastic crates when I’ve moved