Cardiacs have got a bandcamp now by the way

Loads of stuff on there.


Just listening to the last single they did and getting a bit sad.

This is a really good listen on Sing To God;

Greatest band ever.

Where’s a good place to start with these guys? Always meant to give them a go but never really got around to it.

Sing to God. I’d honestly give that podcast a go before listening, it’s a great primer.


Absolutely this.

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Been meaning to check out Cardiacs for years, and it’s payday. Will download Sing to God, and give podcast a listen. Cheers for the tip!

Second Sing to God but they’re honestly all great. On Land and in the Sea would be my next choice. And then Songs for Ships and Irons. Stoneage Dinosaurs is such a tune. Tim Smith’s solo album too. And everything else. Spratley’s Japs, the lot!