Yep! All the side projects are of an equal brilliance and every album has something that makes it truly special. You’re basically never gonna be disappointed with them!

Sounds like an expensive habit may be forming.

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I think it’s a bit better now the albums are much more available! I got into them when you couldn’t buy a CD of theirs for less than stupid money so bought them all digitally, then they began doing some physical runs so I had to bite, didn’t I?! Dread to think how much I’ve spent in total!

Like all the best music that brings maximum joy, I don’t begrudge spending for the good stuff. I’m hopeful!

Sing To God is an incredible album.

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Back to back greatness. Honestly couldn’t put one part over the other. Fiery Gun Hand is my favourite tune though.

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Sing To God is essential (both parts), closely followed by On Land And In The Sea, all the rest are about equal, except perhaps Heaven Born… which has its share of sublime moments but overall is a lesser work. Pony by Spratleys Japs would be my third recommendation, not strictly Cardiacs but very, very special. And not forgetting the Rotten Shed DVD, which documents the last line up at their awesome peak despite the fact that it’s just a recording of a rehearsal in a shed.


Well I ordered Sing to God on vinyl (in for a penny etc…) as well as the Best Of, so will look forward to those.

Agree with all of that. All That Glitters is a Mare’s Nest is fun too.

Over £100k raised!