Cardiff Advice and Reco's Please

Never been before and looking at a weekend away there, staying in or near city centre.

Looking at the Premier Inn @ either Cardiff West or Cardiff East but is there much near either of these and how easy is it to get into centre.

I always hear lots of good things about Cardiff.

Not really looking for night life, just quiet and good (non-chain preferably) restaurants.

All advice welcome

I don’t know those hotels l, but you’ll find anything that calls itself “Cardiff east/west/north” is very much NOT in the city centre. It’s not the best city in the world for public transport so you might be looking at taxis back from the town centre.

Yeah those hotels look like they’re way outside central Cardiff from what I can tell.

I’m not up to date on restaurants and that but during the daytime I recommend spending some time looking around in the arcades and the Cardiff Market.

I was in Cardiff very briefly for the first time in November. I went to Spillers Records which was quite good and the staff were very nice. Worth popping in if you like that sort of thing.

There’s meant to be a record shop in the market as well but I wandered round a couple of times and couldn’t find it so I gave up.

Also had a nice pint in Tiny Rebel and had a look at the castle and then went and got my train.

Useless advice, you’re welcome.

The transport from airport to city centre was the worst I’ve ever seen

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It’s upstairs. I made the same mistake first time I went.

I just googled it again a second ago and discovered this :smiley:


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As others have said you’ll probably end up getting taxis from those Premier Inn’s - West appears to be well out of the centre (and indeed Cardiff!) and I can’t even find a premier East!

Scaredy Cats is a lovely chilled pub with lots of board games and nice food on if you’re after an afternoon/evening pint. Quite partial to Tiny Rebel too though it tends to be busy. Not sure about restaurants - all my faves are fairly generic Indian restaurants or the New York Deli for lovely sandwiches.

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I stayed in the Premier Inn in Abergavenny on the same trip and it turned out to be way out of the town at the side of a busy motorway. So far out of Abergavenny that you passed a ‘Welcome to Llanfoist’ sign on the walk out.

Are all Welsh Premier Inns like this?

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Well the one in Barry is definitely in Barry, I’ll give them that #notallwelshpremierinns


The bus from the airport took me all the way around every single street in Barry :melting_face:



‘Cardiff Airport’ actually being in Barry always seemed a bit cheeky to me. And I mean who wouldn’t want to fly into Barry International?


Don’t think there’s any coincidence there. Barry is to international Gavin and Stacey enthusiasts what Liverpool is to the Beatles.

I can’t claim that Barry is the Memphis of Wales because obviously that’s Porthcawl


If you want a budget hotel something like this is very central and walkable from anywhere in the city centre.

Can walk out to the bay from there as well (there used to be a free shuttle bus as well years ago, but I imagine that has gone)

I lived in Cardiff for three years, traveled home for all major breaks and holidays, never once used the local airport.

It’s up on the balcony! …like @colossalhorse said, I mean.


Bristol isn’t much better!

Friend had recommended flying into Bristol even though it was further away from where we were going, didn’t really understand it until I landed at Cardiff and all become clear.

Flew back from Bristol which meant two trains and a bus but should have been easier overall, if not for massive train delays almost fucking the whole thing

That’s true, but there was a very brief period when I could get a direct flight Bristol – Oslo which was such a luxury.

Anyway, this won’t be very relevant to @Adam_R !

Keen to hear re good Indian restaurants if you’ve reco’s. Thanks

Cheers everyone.

Actually thinking of the Mercure Hotel on Newport Road now.