Cardiff City Journalist vs DiS FC // 11-a-side football // Saturday 12 January // 12 PM

Islington Tennis Centre
Market Road
N7 9PL

This website’s favourite football team will play their first game of the year against our good friends and alumni of the School of Journalism in Cardiff. And as everyone’s New Year resolutions include being more sporty and being more social, why not combine the two and play for the legendary Drowned In Sound FC? We are the most fun team in the country after all.

The usual blurb:

  • we play on a full-sized astro-turf pitch
  • changing rooms with shower and toilet facilities are available
  • 5 min walk from Caledonian Road tube station (Piccadilly line)
  • arrive at 11:30 AM for warm-up, tactics discussion, pre-match fags, team pictures, etc.
  • kick-off at 12 PM sharp
  • full 2 x 45 minutes and injury time + 15 min break
  • standard FA rules with rolling subs
  • all skill levels and genders are welcome
  • shirt colour RED
  • final team will be announced on the Thursday before the game
  • 7 pounds per player will be collected on the day
  • post-match analysis in the nearby Hemingford Arms pub

Please sign up below if you want to take part. Applications from specialists (i.e. goalkeepers) will be viewed favourably.

There’s a chance I’ll be working in London so may stay over and come to this if possible (30% likely atm so don’t deny anyone a space on my account, will update as I know more)

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I would enjoy to play but am as yet unsure as to my availability

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Moving house that day :frowning:

Have fun!

Probably a fraction too soon for me to play after my arm break, but got a scan on the 8th so will let you know if I’m good to go again!

BTW, there’s interest from B***dog for a game in late Jan/early Feb if we’re keen and can get something organised?

Possibly, but let’s see how the turnout for this game is first.

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Count me in!

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Didn’t you just recover from leg woes? :confounded:

Yes :roll_eyes:

I’m OUT, in Dublin that weekend

I’m in :ok_hand:t2:

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Maybe/will check schedule etc.

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On the plus side, you can be excused from goalkeeping duties…

I sure did!



That’s probably a huge bonus for everyone concerned.

After that save from the last game? Dunno about that mate


Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that save…

I had not forgotten about that save.

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Suspect this may be a no again, frustratingly.

@meths and Isaac are IN.

Can’t play I’m afraid :disappointed: