Care work!


Hello friends :slight_smile:
After a huge amount of consideration, I really think this is what I want to do. And I’ve called the people in area on the premise of would you like some unpaid help and the majority has said nah you’re alright love
Thats all fair eboigh but does anyone have some sort of advice? :slight_smile:


Jesus wept that was badly written wasn’t it


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Okay, 'tis done.


wow, can’t believe places would turn down free help

don’t know anything about it, sorry. but good on you.


You’d need some kind of disclosure/ CRB before most good care environments would allow you to volunteer (and you don’t really want the experience of the bad ones.)

This time of year, places that accept student placements have normally had someone in since October time and therefore might not want to be looking after a total newbie (assuming you have no experience.)

Your best bet at this point might be to volunteer as a befriender or find groups that work with people with disabilities - most areas have some kind of support group/ social club/ disco for people with learning disabilities or a day centre to older people. It might be worth thinking about friends’ parents/ extended family/ parents’ friends who might know or be someone you could approach.

You should also apply for an appropriate Care course at your local college as most places will require some kind of Care qualification. This’d probably start in September and you could probably do it part time if you work.


Do you mean in terms of full time employment? In which case then to start with you’ll need to look at what your local council has going. I assume from what you’ve said you’ve already tried charities, but I would keep up with that.

I’d also recommend you look into studying courses like this: and beginning with a Level 1 unless you’ve already got similiar qualifications like a BTEC or something vocational. Have a look at your local colleges and tell them you’re wanting to go into social care and they’ll help point you in the right direction for what stuff to study.

Good luck!