Career Breaks

Anyone done one?

I’m almost certainly going to hand in my notice next week for multiple reasons, and pretty much have something completely different arranged to do in a different country for a bit. I’d like the option of getting back into what I currently do though down the line though.

Has anyone taken a bit of time off their ‘career’ and then come back to it? Do employers ask questions about the gap in your CV when you’re applying for things? Know its a bit vague…

I think if you can explain the gap, and if you are doing something else in the meantime then it’ll be ok. From experience having a gap of not working is not helpful when looking for another job.

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my boss said I could come back to work when I get bored of playing at being a musician if I wanted

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Pretty Tory to have a career, like.

How long are you talking? I did three months and pretty much loafed for the whole time. Was brilliant. Nobody has ever asked what I was doing, but I was going to say I was doing up a house. Which is sort of true.

I’ve been unemployed for long stretches if that helps?

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When I was between jobs, I put on my CV that I was “freelance”. I did do a couple of small jobs during that period so I put their names down as clients, so it wasn’t a complete lie.

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Not really an option in my industry, so I was mostly sitting around in my pants and posting on here.

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As long as you have any kind of reasonable or even imaginary explanation for why there are gaps in your CV no one will give two hoots. I feel like the people that make out like having gaps in your CV is a career ender are just people who are themselves petrified of leaving their job.

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wait, does this not count as freelancing? my whole life is a lie!


There was (dunno if it’s still there) a mention of career breaks in work’s handbook. I forget the wording but it was worded in a way to make people feel comfortable about asking for a career break after they’d worked here for a period. Everyone that asked for it got declined and left soon after.

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Usually between midnight and midday.

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I had a few months between jacking in my London job and starting the job I had lined up in Glasgow so I went to South America. I don’t have the personality to be able to just chuck in a job for a break (regardless of cash in bank) without having a very clear plan of what job I would be doing next and when- I know I simply wouldn’t be able to enjoy the time off and so I’ve never tried it.

I had a very enjoyable few months off to have a baby 9although again, I was able to enjoy that time because I knew it was finite and I have my lovely safety net of fulfilling job to return to.)

I think if you are braver than me (and perhaps if you don’t have ties/ overheads to worry about) then it could be a very liberating thing to do. Just don’t fritter it away because presumably at some point in the future you may want a ‘career’ again and you may have to explain this ‘time out’ to people who are not as open minded as you.

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I quit my job in early 2015 and came back to it 8 months later, doing nothing CV-worthy in the interim. Doesn’t seem to have mattered (including when I’ve been sounded out about other jobs).

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that’s quite encouraging

remember at the last place i worked they were interviewing a guy for a really high paid, really specialised job and they were asking him about the 18 month gap in his cv. said he just packed everything in to be a bus driver for a while.

they had no idea what to make of that.


what are you applying for? Are you making it obvious that the skills you have in academia will translate into the roles? And that you don’t fall into this bullshit trap of being ‘overqualified’ (which I always think is shorthand for the panel feeling threatened by you, that you might nab their own jobs one day soon.)

Most NGO jobs are filled before they’re advertised tbf

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this is one of those many things, which will doom me to being a useless loser for the rest of my life, that I legitimately don’t understand why people give a shit about


Update your CV so it’s like mine: