Careers Down the Shitter (including entire industries)

Anthony Worrall Thompson never really recovered from those shoplifting incidents did he?

Thought this was going to be entire industries like, idk, sign painter or something.

Toilet Cleaner

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we could expand to this.

Thought it was going to be things like sewer cleaner jobs.

Alright, Chadders.

Games Workshop Manager

That’s a serious burn… to chadders.

Chris Langham probably isn’t getting much work anymore.

DiS server technician.

sean :frowning:

It’s the ‘list a paedophile’ thread!

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Thomas Crapper


Imagine someone being a fucking massive fan of Anthony Worrall Thompson, like Harry Styles levels of adulation but for Anthony Worrall Thompson. Would be quite funny eh?


it was intended as a compliment - the servers are great now!

Oh I was inferring something… different

like attending a book signing with Anthony Worrall Thompson?

nah, I’m talking about innocent career demises here.

Yeah, but like going to every different date on the book tour (?) and that.

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