Caribou 2020

I hear that too! Was actually humming Genie in a Bottle after listening to the Caribou album the other day!

Growing on me.

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think that was The Darkness


Only listened to bits and bobs of him before, and wasn’t expecting much from this album, but really quite enjoying it after a couple of listens this evening. Pleasantly surprising!

Really liking this now, it’s clicked into place this evening. Looking forward to seeing him play it live at APE in May.

Tour postponed

Really loving this record


me too Piwi, me too

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Brixton rescheduled for 13 September 2020. Just under six months away but that still feels kind of unlikely to me?

I think a couple of weeks ago autumn felt like a safe bet for everything being back to normal, and now it very much doesn’t.

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Probably a relatively low risk move at this point, as fuck all else will be being scheduled. As long as you as the artist can make the dates, you might as well pencil them in.

I just wouldn’t go booking any flights or trains (or tickets, for that matter) yet if I were a punter.

To be honest by September probably this will be over or they’l have given up trying to deal with it anyway

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Impulse purchase as we have a new record shop round the corner and this was in the window.

I bought it on MP3 back when it came out and it was one of my AOTY.