Caribou 2022

UK Tour Dates:

30 Mar - Brighton @ The Dome
01 Apr - Liverpool @ Invisible Wind Factory
02 Apr - Leeds @ O2 Academy Leeds
03 Apr - Manchester @ Victoria Warehouse
04 Apr - Glasgow @ The Barrowlands
05 Apr - Birmingham @ O2 Academy Birmingham
06 Apr - Bristol @ O2 Academy Bristol
07 Apr - London @ O2 Academy Brixton


Fucking Victoria Warehouse why, FUCKING WHY!

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Barras on a Saturday, yes


Is he doing live band stuff with caribou?

I’ve always thought that was the difference between Caribou and Daphni… but this song doesn’t really hint a full band sound.

It’s a bit… Fatboy Slim.


I think it is very Avalanches. Quite like it.


Aye that was the setup for Andorra, Swim etc. But I thought I saw him and he’d dropped the band for Our Love. Although I did see him tour Our Love and there was the band, I think. Could be misremembering and it was just him solo as Daphni though

Glad for the change in direction. Every Caribou album was a shift in direction, until the last, which was like a watered down version of the housier bits of Swim.

This has definitely got that early 00s sampladelic instrumental hip hop thing going on, Avalanches etc. Not sure it completely grabs me as a standalone track, but can see it fitting into a record.

Hopefully a hip hop vibe means a return of the best bit of Caribou - The drums. Thought the last LP really lacked them and didn’t even feel like a Caribou record as a result (apart from the cathartic moment they come in on Can’t Do Without You).

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7 days straight in different cities. Fair play.

Just had a massive ecstasy flashback from even reading that title. Ubiquitous the year after it was released.


I like it. Thats is all.

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I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes back with. Think all his stuff’s been pretty great so far.

Didn’t love it but certainly didn’t hate it. Agree with the early 00s comments and feel like I need to hear the whole album really.

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That Mano Le Tough/Tale of Us mix :ok_hand:

Love the tune and definitely catching them in Dublin.

Sounds very good to my ears.

Was initially a bit disappointed when I heard Our Love as it drifted further from the layered instrumentation and lush production that had made his sound so distinctive, in favour of a more traditional House sound. But really got into it once I’d ignored those quibbles.

Bang up for Bristol

Are we going to get tickets then?
Well up for some dancing.

Will they play Primavera? :thinking::crossed_fingers:

Dublin show in the summer