Carling has rebranded!


Actually quite swish.

Jim Shearer, Carling brand director, commented: “The new identity is simple yet proud, reinforcing Carling’s values - genuine, dependable and unpretentious, cementing and driving our position as Britain’s original and best loved lager."

Can’t wait to try it, Jim!


Is Carling Premium new?


It’ll still taste like piss.

Consider this turd polished.


I can’t recall seeing it before. I guess it’s their version of Export, except it’s not an export.


fuck off, jim


It still tastes of pus I assume


whats this new Bud Light being thrown about everywhere

thought we’d had it for years


Saw this in T-Bag earlier


Weirdly not, it’s the biggest selling beer in the States but is new here. It tastes like nothing.


It’s a bit Kasabian


i was gonna get some to try it but it were quite high priced


Shouldn’t this be in the rolling beer thread?


Yeah, it’s a hard one to pitch. In the US, it’s not a budget brand but it’s not quite premium, I’m not sure what kind of market share it will get here, seems to be priced at the Fosters kind of price point?


I thought this news deserved a wider audience than the penoids of the beer thread.


Obviously I’m not going anywhere near that thread but I had the mikkeller citra double ipa last week and it was fucking amazing, mate


absolute piss water


We need a NEW beer thread for people who think that beer is just y’know OK or a means of getting from sober -> pissed.


I’ve got a strava and an untappd account, am I still allowed in the normal beer/cycling threads?



There was a Carling Premier on draught around 1999 iirc. It was basically just Carling pressurised with nitrogen gas instead of CO2, so it was lager with a Guinness-style head on it. Slight improvement I’d say. Maybe this is just Carling with a widget in the can.