Carling has rebranded!

Actually quite swish.

Jim Shearer, Carling brand director, commented: “The new identity is simple yet proud, reinforcing Carling’s values - genuine, dependable and unpretentious, cementing and driving our position as Britain’s original and best loved lager."

Can’t wait to try it, Jim!

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Is Carling Premium new?

It’ll still taste like piss.

Consider this turd polished.


I can’t recall seeing it before. I guess it’s their version of Export, except it’s not an export.

fuck off, jim


It still tastes of pus I assume

whats this new Bud Light being thrown about everywhere

thought we’d had it for years

Saw this in T-Bag earlier

Weirdly not, it’s the biggest selling beer in the States but is new here. It tastes like nothing.

It’s a bit Kasabian

i was gonna get some to try it but it were quite high priced

Shouldn’t this be in the rolling beer thread?

Yeah, it’s a hard one to pitch. In the US, it’s not a budget brand but it’s not quite premium, I’m not sure what kind of market share it will get here, seems to be priced at the Fosters kind of price point?

I thought this news deserved a wider audience than the penoids of the beer thread.

Obviously I’m not going anywhere near that thread but I had the mikkeller citra double ipa last week and it was fucking amazing, mate

absolute piss water

We need a NEW beer thread for people who think that beer is just y’know OK or a means of getting from sober -> pissed.


I’ve got a strava and an untappd account, am I still allowed in the normal beer/cycling threads?

There was a Carling Premier on draught around 1999 iirc. It was basically just Carling pressurised with nitrogen gas instead of CO2, so it was lager with a Guinness-style head on it. Slight improvement I’d say. Maybe this is just Carling with a widget in the can.